YDS Exam Preparation Course

The YDS exam which is run by the Turkish Higher Education Council is a language assessment test of the Turkish government. Before the test is administered twice yearly, education program is planned by focusing on exam strategies in British Town Language Schools. The academic staff in British Town Language Schools teaches lessons by preparing a detailed lesson plan. British Town Schools has been one of leading companies in YDS Exam Preparation Course.

British Town İngilizce Dil Okulları bünyesinde bulundurduğu akademik kadrosundaki eğitmenler tarafından hazırlanıp işlenen derslerdir. British Town, YDS Kursu eğitiminde sektörünün öncü firmalarından biri olmaya devam etmektedir.

What is YDS?

The YDS is an English language proficiency test, mostly taken by civil servants, academics and military personnel. It is administered by ÖSYM in Turkey. The test evaluates the reading comprehension skills, listening, speaking and writing skills.

Who can apply fort he YDS?

  • Candidates who aim at academic career
  • Candidates who aim at getting master’s degree
  • Candidates who are final year undergraduate students or the previous ones who carry on getting master’s degree or doing doctorate
  • Civil servants who need language proficiency test for extra money being paid by the state
  • Candidates who work in private sector for extra money being paid by the company
  • Candidates who work in health area that take TUS and DUS exams
  • How is the YDS scored?

    Every question is 1,25 points. ,

  • 20 x 1.25 = 25.00 Points
  • 30 x 1.25 = 37.50 Points
  • 40 x 1.25 = 50.00 Points
  • 45 x 1.25 = 56.25 Points
  • 50 x 1.25 = 62.50 Points
  • 55 x 1.25 = 68.75 Points
  • 60 x 1.25 = 75.00 Points
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