Preparatory Classes-Proficiency Course

Proficiency Courses are programs that ensure university students to pass English Proficiency Exams at English Preparatory School. The syllabus that covers English Language Proficiency Exams of every university is livingly organized by the education coordinators of British Town English Language Schools every year and education which is based on this syllabus is given to the students personally. Main course instructors and study instructors give education on days and hours that are suitable for the students. The instructors concern the students closely and observe their development clearly by means of this education which is called as private lessons.

Proficiency Course is a program designed for the students who will start university this year or take Proficiency Exam again after Preparatory School. This program is determined by the expert educators that examine Preparatory School Teaching Programs and test types.

Pilot tests are applied for providing the students to develop their language competencies for the purpose of improving the practice. The methods to be applied, exam format, exam techniques and grammar support are chosen by aiming at the success.

In this study, grammar books, vocabulary books and textbooks of different publishing houses and universities; and special texts that cover lecturing and exercises as primary education material are used.

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