Why British Town Language Schools

British Town Language Schools;

  • -Starting from the beginning, is always with the Branch.
  • -is in constant communication with branches for success and gets its power from the cooperation with the branches.
  • -Considers the franchises as a part of the family and is sensitive on preservation of the corporate structure as if it were the Head Office.
  • -with the programs, Work discipline and working system, creates a whole and applies the same standards in all branches.
  • -is part of an International organization and has many partnerships with international brands.

The first priority is to ensure that Businesses has maximised the profits and accurate location, is one of the basic factors of making money. Therefore the location of the branch is very important to be left to chance. _ 1669 British 1659 _ Town language schools will share its experiences with the founder of the branch on the spot. Successful businesses, have the ability to make the right choices during the recruitment phase and maximising the efficiency of the staff. British Town, by supporting the branch founder in the process of the making the right recruitments and preparing the branch to start work right away; increases the efficiency of the branch.

The introduction of the branch to the target audience through a successful advertisement process heavily influences the sales upon opening of the branch. British Town Head Office, gives all the support that is required by the branch and the founder through its own agency Bemar Design Reklam Ajansı pre and post opening phases. In order for the success of the franchising system, all of the branches should work as a team in themselves as well as the General Headquarters British Town management schema is standard in all branches and decisions are based on team play. Every manager in the Head Office is in constant contact and cooperation with the equevalent manager in the branch. In addition to the periodic personnel training at the stage of the opening of the franchises, the Head Office can also assist the branch with extra training for the managers in organizational and operational matters.

To maximise customer satisfaction British Town offers the right product at the right price, and regularly raises the satisfaction rate with continuous feedback. In order to optimize the marketing and sales management of its branches, British Town Head Office shares the sales strategies and aims that are meticulously set for the regions and supports the office workers with in-service trainings.

Entry into the programme

The candidates fill the application form fully in order to enter the system after The application file is analyzed by respective department; a general review on the district, city, building and people is conducted. Upon the condition that these criterias have met the standards, the franchising fee is collected after the contract is signed.

Expected Features from Franchise Candidates

  • - Financial Sufficiency
  • - Past work and Educational Experience
  • - The ability to represent the British Town language schools
  • - Legal Entity

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