Online English Course

Those who do not know English at all, who have come to a certain level and have left their education in the foreground

Those who want to determine the English language program and time themselves

It is one of the most effective methods that can be applied to institutions and organizations that want to create difference and convenience in personnel training and in-service training

Education is online education. Depending on the program that the learner prefers, it is supported by the train and / or internet training coach.

This method; to improve the user’s knowledge and to learn English easily and quickly using internet materials. As long as the system is open, the user is given the opportunity to do unlimited repetition, to start and maintain the level education required as a result of free leveling and to practice in all-areas of languages education.

It aims at general English education and is 100% compatible with CEFR from A1 to C1. Listening, Grammar, Interactive Speaking and Idioms contain more than 1000 hours in total. The student will have a European Language Portfolio compliant certificate without paying a fee.

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