Online English Education

Is one of the best ways to apply for

  • People who do not speak English, who improved their language until a certain level, quit learning, and who want to complete their education,
  • People who want to decide on their own education programme and time,
  • Institutions, which want to change and ease their personnel training and in-service training.

This online education is supported by a training coach via phone or internet according to the preferred programme. This method is prepared to provide learning easily and quickly by using online materials and reinforcing the user’s knowledge. As long as the user’s system is active, limitless revision opportunity, starting the education with the needed level after a free level test and the chance of practicing for all the areas which is required in language education are provided.

Online education aims general English learning and it is %100 compatible with CEFR from A1 to C1. It includes Listening, Grammar, Speaking Interaction and Idiom classes, more than 1000 hours of activity in total.

The students possess their European Language Portfolio compatible certificate without any payment.

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