Profession English Course

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, The council of Europe’s Department of Modern Languages, aims to develop a common foreign language teaching program in Europe and a common standard, common criteria and a tool based on it in foreign language teaching created.

The trainings given at the British Town Languages Schools are given by the communication-oriented methodology called Communicative Approach, which is appropriate for this system. Through our General English training in our institutions, student will have the qualification to take the Trinity Family Combination exam when requested. British Town Language Schools continue to serve as the Trinity Examination Center.

In addition, British Town Language Schools are MacMillan’s Partner School, the books and training materials used in the trainings are available directly from the UK. British Town Language Schools, along with MacMillan’s instructors, regularly deliver trainings and seminars every year to all the branches and are closely involved with the trainings of their instructors.

Ayrıca British Town Dil Okulları MacMillan’ın Partner School’udur, Eğitimlerde kullanılan kitapları ve eğitim materyalleri direkt olarak İngiltere’den temin edilmektedir. British Town Dil Okulları tüm şubelerine MacMillan’ın eğitmenleri ile birlikte her sene düzenli olarak eğitimler ve seminerler vermekte, eğitmenlerinin eğitimleri ile yakından ilgilenmektedir.

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